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Brett D. Fadeley, J.D.

CEO, COO, CFO, Executive Sales Manager and Board Chair

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Marketing & Sales

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David Neumann

Breca Capital Northeast President

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Marketing & Sales


Kyle Hays

Professional Marketing Consultant

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Opertations & Production


Scott Fadeley

Operations Specialist

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Finance & Accounting

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Jennings Rou

Senior Advisor

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Sonny Gutkind


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Strategic Partners

Breca Capital SE, LLC has successful experience turning around companies of all sizes – from $100,000,000+ in total revenues to small businesses. As such, we have a full range of strategic partner resources - including over 60 advisors - to fit any situation, including: attorneys, CPA's, specialty advisors – (marketing, management, operations/logistics, MIS, finance), technology (CTO's, analysts, programmers, engineers), insurance/EB providers, valuation services, Banks (traditional finance, asset based lenders), alternative financing (factors, DIP, private equity, VC) CEO’s and strategic partners throughout the nation.

We are also open to working with new advisors and adding advisors to our list of strategic partners. Our prescreening process calls for a telephone interview submission of a resume and list of references for qualification/review. Please feel free to call us at 407.342.3272 for additional information.