Hear What They Say


My referrals to Brett over the past fifteen years have yielded improved profitability for business owners who utilize his services and implement his strategic vision."

-Anne Kelley

"I have known Jennings for over 10 years in both a business and personal relationship. Jennings has excellent knowledge and strong experience in banking, credit, real estate, and finance. Furthermore, Jennings provided excellent service, was honest, and conducted himself with integrity. I would highly recommend him as an advisor to any business."

-J. Todd South
South Milhausen, P.A.
Senior Executive Vice President

"As an attorney I have recommended clients to Brett who have hit a wall in their negotiations with lenders. Because of his banking background he is able to amazingly establish a rapport with the lender to re open the door to usually successful negotiations. I have also advised deadlocked legal entities to hire Brett to run the entities. The beauty of Brett is his quick wit, vast experience, management skills and engaging personality. Clients are happy because he charges less money than an attorney."

-Raymond J Rotella, Esquire
Kosto & Rotella, P.A.

"I have had a business relationship with Jennings for 15 years. He always provided excellent service and is someone I consider a trusted advisor. Jennings has excellent knowledge of banking and finance. Further, he is a straight shooter, and he always conducted himself with integrity. I would highly recommend Jennings to any company."

-Darryl Ladd
Highland Real Estate

"Brett Fadeley is one of the most creative, focused, and thoughtful business leaders  in the areas of financial, operational, and capital investment navigation. His expertise in areas of optimizing business processes, executive leadership development, and application of solid principles of business turn-around in everyday work environments catapulted Brett to among the brightest and most effective in delivering value-added technical assistance to organizations. I remain particularly excited about Brett’s abilities to apply these gifts of business advisement and leadership into the K-12 education sectors."

-Dr. Joseph Wise
Managing Director
Atlantic Research Partners
Co-Founder & Chief Education Officer
Distinctive Schools Foundation

"I have worked with Brett on a number of different fronts over the course of a decade; from personal coaching to merger and acquisition consultation. I truly valued the coaching that Brett provided me because he encouraged broad thinking related to the dynamics and challenges of running a business. Brett is someone that I trust as a mentor and advisor. "

-Paul Dechen
General Manager of Piezo Technology Inc

"Jennings is an outstanding banker that is extremely knowledgeable about the homebuilding business. He was able to listen to our problems, understand our corporate needs and convert that information into a long-term sustainable loan program. He is very customer oriented, honest and organized. His integrity and anticipation of our needs made him a valuable part of the Maroon Fine Homes team. Working with Jennings is always a pleasure."

-William Maroon
Maroon Fine Homes

"Brett has been an integral part of my business life for the past 20 years. I have used him in many capacities and he always brings his A game to my needs. I highly recommend him as the best business coach, confidant, career counselor, and business friend."

-Chuck Reynolds
Founder and CTO of TSI

"Breca consulting helped me develop a common sense approach to re-evaluating my business' health and my mental focus as owner/CEO. I gained clarity and insight that lateral peer professionals could not provide. I gained the ability to "see the battle field from above". I strongly recommend Breca Capital for sound business advice and to assist in figuring out what is next. "

-Vince Lombardi
Legacy Seafood, Inc.

“Working with Brett is like working with a visionary!!  He has tremendous business insight and can immediately root cause any business problem with crystalline decisiveness and correct process correction.  He has an excellent presence and can relate with all levels both for coaching and real time business results!!”

-Anna VerSteeg
Co-Founder and President
Competitive Solutions Inc.

"It has been a pleasure doing business with Jennings Rou. I hope our paths continue to cross. Jennings brings a lot to the table."

-Frank Gammon
Manager, Banyan Homes

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brett for almost 10 years on business issues involving our company’s formal reorganization to development of a growth strategy, and many things in between. His diversified background of business experiences have helped me personally a number of times. As Howard Cossell said, “tell it like it is” -that can be Brett’s mantra also. Whether a business coach, consultant or board member, Brett can make a difference.”

-Michael Thomas
President, Industrial Business Unit
Gas Turbine Efficiency

"I have known Jennings for 15 years. I have found his knowledge of Banking and Credit business one of the best in the field, and his integrity and character are impeccable. It is always a pleasure doing business with him."

-Max Sabeti,
Owner, Realty Resource/Metropolis Homes.

"Prior to Breca Capital joining our team, we had no committed sales function. David Neumann took the lead and developed a sales infrastructure for out bound sales. He didn’t just consult with us but rather took a hands on approach and designed a sales process addressing all areas from prospecting, to closing the sale to post-sale follow up. Most importantly he sold our services at a margin that was significantly higher than our historical margins and showed us how to sell value and service as a market differentiator in order to secure higher pricing."

-Helen Riise
CEO Mico Cooling Corp

"Breca Capital was introduced to Palmer Electric about five years ago in the midst of the great recession. We had worked with another turn around firm before Breca, and it was a disastrous experience that only served to weaken the company further. They since went out of business. I am not sure why I even entertained working with another firm, but I was so impressed at our first meeting that I engaged them. Breca’s assistance quickly paid off, and the results truly helped save Palmer Electric. They were a great negotiator in settling our enormous debt at significant discounts. They aided in finding new sources of financing and also assisted in unloading unneeded assets. They coached us through painful downsizing and reorganization. Today we are profitable and stable and are growing again with a new business model and operating philosophy that will help us survive future construction cycles without the great losses we experienced before Breca’s intervention. I would certainly recommend them to any firm needing assistance in debt restructuring, management development, organization restructuring, and strategic planning."

-Tom Beard
Chairman and CEO Palmer Electric

"David Neumann forged a team out of our existing management staff that moved us away from the past constantly playing catch up into planning ahead and following a plan, resolving many problems. David was extremely helpful in his ability to understand our business and implement the necessary changes."

-Moses Rosner
CEO Alpine Millworks

"David immediately zeroed in on the steps we needed to take, providing detailed guidance to help us cut costs and increase revenue. I can honestly say that David’s expertise and professionalism, combined with his calm and sympathetic demeanor, is one of the main reasons we continue to succeed in business today."

-Eli Helfgott
President Classics Galore

"David, I want to thank you for your patience way as you move me forward. Sometimes I don’t even notice that you’re pushing. You’ve just given me tools that allow me to use my natural strengths to get things accomplished. I know I’m not like your typical salesman and you’ve had to make adjustments to accommodate that."

-David Dittlinger
Regional Sales Manager PCS Revenue Control Inc.

"David taught me many leadership skills, especially how to communicate our goals and to get my employees engaged, responsible and accountable. Not only did he direct the process to implement a new and sustainable culture, he also opened our eyes as to how to effectively manage our budget and finances."

-Gavriel Rosenberg
Director Sanz Schools & Lev Lalev

"While many of the truths you’ve uncovered should have been obvious, we just did not know or want to know. With your help we are now thinking differently about how to run this business."

-Daniel Goldberg,
Partner The Goldberg Law Office PLLC

"Brett has been instrumental in helping our business navigate, negotiate, and restructure through a major transition. While advising our Board of Directors, his guidance as a CEO Coach / Mentor has been invaluable. Brett’s unique skill set has been critical to our success in working through our banking and finance issues. I highly recommend Breca Capital as they continue to assist in helping us profitably grow our 45 year old, family owned business."

-Mark Wolsefer
President / CEO Orlando Steel Enterprises

"I am proud to recommend Jennings Rou in any business venture he may enter. We had a long professional relationship through Shamrock Homes where I was CFO and Controller. I am proud that our professional relationship has also grown into a friendship.

It was always a pleasure to work with Jennings in handling our banking needs when he was at Barnett, SunTrust and AmSouth, and we always made it a point to have a major banking relationship wherever he was. It was his service more than the institution's service that sold us. I know Keith Shamrock agrees.

At Shamrock Homes, I had a banking relationship with many Banks over the 28+ years I was there, but no bankers had more knowledge or provided better service and follow up than Jennings. He was always able to find a product that met our needs.

Again, I am proud to recommend Jennings Rou."

-Fred Brown
CFO/Controller, Shamrock Homes

Prior to the arrival of Mr. Neumann with Breca Capital NE, we sold annual subscriptions to our publication using a discount pricing model. We accomplished this with a staff that was completely customer service oriented but had minimal or no sales experience or training.

After analyzing our financial data and performing some anecdotal competitive analyses, Mr. Neumann recommended we almost double our price (197% to be precise) at a time when print media is in retreat. He further recommended that we change the collection structure to a monthly auto-renewal subscription which moved us away from the annual ritual of discounting renewals.

After systematically training our staff not just with lectures, he personally directed hands on role playing with everyone. Most importantly, Mr. Neumann led by example by making actual calls in their presence. He used the tools they had been trained to deploy, in real life scenarios.

After successfully testing the new pricing model on a trial basis, we decided to press ahead full steam with our team delivering results that stayed within our projections. The anticipated attrition rate was more than offset by an increased gross profit margin of almost 50% designed to be henceforth recurring revenue. Need I say more?

-Mrs. Morgenstern
Subscriptions Dept. Manager, Hamodia/Binah