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"My referrals to Brett over the past fifteen years have yielded improved profitability for business owners who utilize his services and implement his strategic vision."

-Anne Kelley
- BankFirst

Welcome to Breca Capital LLC

Is your business constantly short on cash? Are you having to prioritize who gets paid each week and finding it difficult to discount with major venders? Are you printing checks but hiding them in the drawer? Are you concerned about retaining vital clients and employees? Are you having difficulty dealing with Banks and other creditors? These are often symptoms of deeper problems, exacerbated by the worst economy since the Great Depression, and they may be difficult or impossible to solve without professional help.


Breca Capital LLC (Breca) is a business advisory firm dedicated to mid-market businesses with total revenues from $5,000,000 - $100,000,000. Breca’s mission is to be a financial lighthouse - helping businesses navigate through the risks which abound in today’s economy, and preserving, restoring, and enhancing enterprise value.


Our passion is fixing broken businesses - our expertise creating working capital, negotiating, and custom-crafting restructuring plans enables us to see going concern opportunities where others see only liquidation. Our experience in banking/finance, operations, and owning & running businesses sets us apart from other advisors as we have experiential knowledge of the challenges business owners face and we can empathize with the business owner as a peer. We specialize in growth advisory services in 3 stages:

1) RELIEF - companies in danger from the working capital, operations, and financing challenges caused by rapid growth.
2) PARTNER FOR GROWTH - no current danger, but desire to anticipate growth.
3) SAFETY - no danger, but downside risk mitigation.

We also advise companies which seek continuous improvement, accountability systems, succession planning, risk management, cash flow optimization, CEO coaching/mentoring, and Board of Directors advisory. Through strategic partnerships, we also provide private equity investment and accounting diagnostic services, and we assist with non-bank financing/capital sourcing.


  • Integrity – we hold ourselves to the highest standard and treat each customer the way we would want to be treated. We are guided by integrity in everything we do and understand that trust is primary to all business relationships.
  • Creativity – we provide creative options to anticipate different scenarios and to provide our customers maximum flexibility
  • Objectivity – our objectivity enables us to get straight to the root cause of financial distress.
  • Independence – we are not constrained by biases and preconceptions giving us the ability to see the big picture and articulate the consequences of each choice.
  • Straight Talk – in a respectful way, we are always straightforward, so everyone knows where we stand.
  • Empathy for Small/Family Owned Businesses – we have experiential knowledge of the challenges small, family-owned businesses face, and we respect the complexity of the underlying relationships.


Breca Capital LLC is an advocate for your business – period. We bring a clean, fresh perspective, and we are unique specialists who are a calm within the storm – because we are there all of the time. We are accustomed to making tough decisions, and when time is of the essence, we don’t panic we engage. To effect meaningful change and give a fresh start to a business, it is often necessary to bring in someone with a new perspective who can objectively analyze and counsel financially distressed companies. This “new blood” infuses the business with complete objectivity and can cut to the core of the problem. We solve all sorts of problems - from consultation and cash flow problems caused by rapid growth to management of orderly liquidation for companies not considered going-concern enterprises – all to maximize stakeholder value and recovery rates.


Our trade area includes the southeast United States, and we are Florida market specialists with an emphasis on Central Florida. We are extremely well connected with the legal, accounting, banking, finance, and distressed investing community. We also have an experienced network of professionals in operations, marketing, sales, finance and many other disciplines. This allows us to bring in expertise as needed.

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